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Kundalini Reiki Session

Book a 1 on 1 virtual Kundalini Reiki Session with me

Kundalini is the energy of Mother Earth

Reiki is the energy of the Cosmos

While also working with Trees and their Grounding and Expansive energy flow

Together they bring you boundless LOVE and Universal Life Force

DNA, Kundalini-Reiki, Past-Life, Diamond, Crystalline Reiki  are all used as guided by your spirit team and mine in your sessions


30 min

$ 22
  • Regular Price $44
  • Virtual Zoom
  • Reiki Healing

45 min

$ 44
  • Regular Price $66
  • Virtual Zoom
  • Reiki Healing

1 hour

$ 66
  • Regular Price $88
  • Virtual Zoom
  • Reiki Healing

Aura Cleanse & Chakra Clearing

Book a 1 on 1 virtual Aura Cleanse & Chakra Clearing session with me

15 min

$ 15
  • Virtual Zoom
  • Aura Cleanse
  • Chakra Clearing

Aura Wand Cleanse

Aura wands by Lagunitas Organics. Organic and raised with love at a vortex, 

these medicinal plants bring you balance, grounding, activation and protection.

 A  hand picked blend of Lavender, Sage and Rosemary 

Aura Wand

$ 17
  • Aura Cleanse
  • Chakra Clearing
Basket of Lagunitas Organics aura wands and aromatherapy

Tree Oracle Reading

Get a Tree Oracle Reading with me

Recorded Reading

$ 11
  • Recorded Reading
  • Watch later anytime

Live Reading

$ 33
  • Live Zoom / Phone Call
  • Ask questions during reading

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