Amalia Consuelo Alduenda

Psychic / Speaker / Tree Channel / Kundalini Reiki Master / Model 

Spreading love and unity consciousness with others through speaking & sharing a variety of healing modalities such as channeled Tree Meditations, Mediumship, Kundalini Reiki, Astral surgery, Crystal and Chakra alignment healing sessions and Aura Cleansing ceremonies.

Crystal and Chakra healer certified Life changing energy program graduate certified
Tree portal Amalia


Personal meditation guidance,
Downloadable audios, Release tension in your body and mind, receive gifts from your higher self.

Kundalini Reiki

DNA, Kundalini-Reiki, Past-Life, Diamond, Energetic ties, Crystalline Reiki can all be channeled during your session as guided by our spirit teams.

Astral Surgery

Integrate your higher consciousness, Removal of lower frequencies and energetic implants, Activate your DNA to hold more light.

Guided Meditations

Relax with a guided meditation, working with Arcturians and Kundalini Reiki energy

Over 500+ people have participated in my Tree meditations! 

A channel of light

Amalia’s specialty is assisting the flow of energy. She is a psychic, medium and master of various modalities that allow her to tune into quantum dimensions.

I guide Tree meditations where I channel Tree spirits and take your spirit on a journey. I work with Lavender and Blue Lotus as aromatherapy to stimulate maximum energetic balance to the mind, body and spirit.


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My mission is to hold space as a channel of light, to share tools and information for others to tune in and experience the collective unity consciousness of love.

Balance, Ground and activate your energy with Reiki charged Aura wands, Aromatherapy pillows and other products made from Lavender, Rosemary and Sage from Lagunitas Organics. This blend of  plants is designed to aid your bio-field (aura) with their elemental healing properties and are aromatherapeutic. These energy cleansing products  will have you relaxed, bring you grounding and activate your higher consciousness as you choose to deeply connect.

Basket of Lagunitas Organics aura wands and aromatherapy


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