Amalia C Alduenda

Assisting others tune in to unity consciousness through reconnecting with nature.

Public Speaker / Channeler / Kundalini Reiki Master / Model 

Amalia spreads love and unity consciousness through sharing channeled Tree Meditations, public speaking, Kundalini Reiki, Astral surgery, Crystal, Aura and Chakra alignment energetic healing.

Crystal and Chakra healer certified Life changing energy program graduate certified
Amalia Alduenda
A channel of light

My mission is to hold space as a channel of light & bridge between higher realms, to share tools, messages, life force energy and information for others to tune in and experience the collective unity consciousness of love.

Coming soon to a tree near you..

Did you hear about the upcoming tree meditation tour happening in 2024?

Reconnect with Nature: Embrace Your Spirit

The art of eco-consciousness

Locations Up next 2024:

Austin, TX February

Red Woods, CA March

Lagunitas Sanctuary April

Sedona June

3 day Medicine music festival at Lagunitas Sanctuary in August !

Take part in Amalia’s next virtual offering: 

Tree Realm Course

When? March 2024

Everything I know about trees and how to work with their energy + 1 hour kundalini reiki session 

Includes various meditation exercises + Masterclass workbook

zoom session 2-3 hrs, Lifetime access to replay

 Amalia’s Tree meditations are the perfect activity for a wellness event !

Tree meditations are excellent for festivals,

workshops, spiritual retreats and indoor events too!

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Welcome to the magical healing realm of Trees

Working with Arcturian’s galactic and plant realm council along with Kundalini Reiki universal life force energy.

Amalia is able to tune in to their messages and channel the spirit of the Trees for a unique meditation and energetic healing journey.

Over 700+ treehuggers have participated in Amalia Tree meditations since 2022! 

Watch the latest episode of Nature Venture

Amalia's show with 1A1 foundation
Meditations +

Amalia sharing a tree energy workshop and tree meditation at the 24 messengers private international retreat with the 1 A 1 foundation.

Tecate Baja California Oct 2023

Tree Communication workbook – FREE

Includes: 10 Tips for Meditating with Trees, 10 journal  Prompts. A Spiritual self-care Wellness Guideline, Meditation Guideline Cycle, A Simple Tree Meditation + 20 minute Audio-Guided Tree Meditation

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Watch Amalia’s speaking demo reel !

Guided Meditations

Connecting with the Tree realm

Tree Communication Workbook

Introducing the “Tree Communication Workbook” – Unlock the Power of Nature Within! Experience the transformative magic of trees with our comprehensive 26-page free download, designed

Free download <3

In this hour long interview Amalia shares some of her most profound encounters with the Arcturians, Cosmic surgeries, The different Tree meditations she has led, and even shared the touching story of her initiation in becoming a light worker.

 Interview of Amalia with Ashtar command ground crew Cassy Cohen on youtube !

Ready to see what spirit has in store for you?

Relax, Release, and Activate your Crystalline DNA

DNA, Kundalini-Reiki, Past-Life, Diamond, Crystalline Reiki, Astral surgeries 

are all guided by our spirit teams to bring energetic balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Always with your intention to receive for your highest benefit.

Amalia’s specialty is assisting the flow of energy. She is a psychic, medium and master of various modalities that allow her to tune into quantum dimensions.

I guide Tree meditations where I channel Tree spirits and take your spirit on a journey. I work with Lavender and Blue Lotus as aromatherapy to stimulate maximum energetic balance to the mind, body and spirit.


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Basket of Lagunitas Organics aura wands and aromatherapy


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