Tree Meditations

To provide individuals with a chance to alchemize the past & embody more love to connected to unity consciousness.

Public Speaking / Tree Meditations

Amalia's Tree meditations are transformational soul fulfilling journeys where participants are guided into a the Tree consciousness realm, collective moment of emotional and spiritual support in order to connect inwards to unity consciousness.

TREEHuggers are saying

" I had never felt energy that strong before"- said a participant with tears from the amount of self healing that took place.
" WOOW that was the most intense meditation I've ever done "

 Amalia’s Tree meditations are the perfect activity for a wellness event !

Tree meditations replica rolex datejust ladies m279178 0031 unknown automatic china are excellent for festivals,

workshops, spiritual retreats and indoor events too!

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Tree Meditations

What to expect?

Welcome to the magical healing realm of Trees

Working with Arcturian’s galactic and plant realm council along with Kundalini Reiki universal life force energy.

Amalia is able to tune in to their messages and channel the spirit of celine 764143 1 aaa quality sunglasses the Trees for a unique meditation and energetic healing journey.

Over 600+ people have participated in Amalia Tree meditations since 2022!

During this journey Amalia is channeling pure kundalini love from Mother Earth and Reiki universal life force energy, as well the  Arcturians through her channel  into everyone as they are connected as one. Working with Kundalini Reiki universal life force energy Amalia is able to tune in to angelic messages and channel a unique meditation and energetic healing journey.

Kundalini Reiki can dissolve energetic trauma crystals, energetic ties to places, past life, people and situations therefor it is often that participants have an emotional release when guided to connect to their spirit.

Through out this experience individuals may also become open to receive visions, clarification, spiritual gift activation from their higher self and spirit team as they are much more receptive to their intuitive channels.

The purpose of these Tree meditations is to provide individuals with a chance to liberate themselves of past traumas relesing and shedding emotional density, clearing , upgrading and integrate their light body consciousness. 

Ultimately empowered in all of their energy connected into unity consciousness.

Past appearances

Sedona, Los Angeles, Colorado, San Diego, Guadalajara, Tecate
Lagunitas sanctuary retreats & events
Mercadito Cuchuma Tecate B.C 4 times
Tecate B.C Woman's day awards ceremony 2022 and Woman's rights march 2023.
Florida Modeling competition and private events in the USA & Mexico

LA community Tree meditation

70 + Tree huggers pioneers

Journey into the heart of the Trees

Amalia Consuelo Alduenda public speaker Tree meditation video preview demo video

View Amalia’s Tree meditation

 preview demo with testimonials

Explore the fast growing meditation  experience with Trees through Amalia’s channeled Tree meditations

Amalia is a channel of light she is a professional public speaker, Kundalini reiki practitioner, Astral surgeon, Crystal healer, Biomagnetism practitioner, Retreat organizer, and is on a mission to share the energy of the trees around the globe.


Including a Tree meditation is perfect for any event with a community mindset, spiritual gatherings, festivals and for Tree huggers everywhere.

Tree huggers gathered at a community market


Transmuting and aling the energetic body, Activating the divine mother womb , Welcoming humanity into unconditional love, Guiding the collective into peace and respect for all.

Mercadito Cuchuma 3 year anniversary 2023 

15+ guardians hand in hand, to send love to the world.

4th  Tree mediation at local market

August 7th, 2023 Lion’s gate in Parque del Professor, Tecate B.C

Working with the Lion’s gate portal energy and the energy emitting from the sacred Cuchuma grandfather mountain.

 About 15 women were daring to participate in a Tree meditation amongst the many spectators from the local community market going on around us.

Before the Tree meditation I shared Aura cleanses opening the space with unconditional love .We received light code dna upgrades, released stagnant energy, balanced our chakras and energetic bodies. Participants afterwards said they felt much more calm than before the meditation. Some experienced a deep energetic emotional release and others strong visuals with many colors.  

Finally anchoring and sending that activation wave 

to the whole planet.

The message was LOVE. ” – Amalia C Alduenda

Including a Tree meditation in any event will enhance communities to connect together as one.

A channel of light

"My mission is to hold space as a bridge between dimensions, to share divine messages for others to experience the collective unity consciousness of love." - Amalia

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Public speaker, Biomagnetism practitioner, Kundalini-Reiki, Past-Life, DNA,  Diamond, Crystalline Reiki, Astral surgeries, Crystal healer, Tree Meditations

Guided by our spirit teams to bring energetic balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Always with your intention to receive for your highest good.

Ready to see what possibilities lay ahead?

womens march 300 girls amalia 2023

Amalia’s specialty is assisting the flow of energy. She is a psychic, medium and master of various modalities that allow her to tune into quantum dimensions.

“I guide meditations where I channel universal life force energy and take you on an in-ward journey.”

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