Treehuggers describe feeling deeply loved by Mother Nature and experiencing forgiveness carrying the sense of replica womens rolex sky dweller m326235 0006 mens rolex calibre 9015 mingzhu engine around 15mm love and peace from the meditation into their daily lives and interactions with the world. Giving a tree a hug is a powerful bio-healing  healing therapy.

Keynote Title :

“Bridging Science, Culture, and Spirituality: The Profound Connection with Trees”

“This is how nature communicates and heals us. A forgotten superpower of reducing stress and anxiety reaching inner peace.
Now, unfortunately most of us living in cities have lost our connection with nature due to our busy lifestyles
Unhealthy habits
we are extensions of nature.” – Amalia 

Amalia creates an imprint at events by bringing communities together as one through group energy excersices.

"Amalia's Meditation transmuted the energy and gave everyone peace."

"Beyond a meditation this is a ceremony."


Touches on impactful  lessons from life on holding vision of your highest self

Motivational speech :

“Resprouting: Holding vision”

“I remember that moment so clearly like yesterday, when I heard my intuition lead me. If I had ignored that moment I would not be here doing this, That’s its own timeline.  Living out prayers from my childhood, I was the angel. When we forgive our past selves we liberate our present o expand.””

Amalia creates an imprint at events by bringing communities together as one through group energy excersices.

others are saying..

" I had never felt energy that strong before"- said a participant with tears from the amount of self healing that took place.
" WOOW that was the most intense meditation I've ever done "

Past appearances

Tecate B.C Woman's day awards ceremony 2022 and Woman's rights march 2023.
Florida Modeling competition and private events in the USA & Mexico
A channel of light

"My mission is to hold space as a bridge between dimensions, to share divine messages for others to experience the collective unity consciousness of love." - Amalia

womens march 300 girls amalia 2023

Amalia’s specialty is assisting the flow of energy. She is a psychic, medium and master of various modalities that allow her to tune into quantum dimensions.

“I guide meditations where I channel universal life force energy and take you on an in-ward journey.”

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