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About Amalia

I am Amalia, a professional Crystal and Kundalini Diamond Reiki Master Healer, Tree channel, Intuitive speaker, and model.

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Amalia has been feautured twice on local paper SDVoyager. Read both the articles here to learn more about Amalia.

My reality wasn’t always ideal, it was a fastrack journey of growth and healing through which I have carried this spark with me”(from May 9th’s interview read below).

“My mission is to be a bridge of light and to guide others in embodying their light. I love helping others awaken to their multidimensional consciousness.”

I desire to inspire others to follow their intuition, to love their life, and awaken to the power their DNA holds.

Watch the latest interview of Amalia with Ashtar command ground crew Cassy Cohen on youtube !

In this hour long interview Amalia shares some of her most profound encounters with the Arcturians, Cosmic surgeries, Tree meditations, and even shared the touching story of her initiation to be a healer.

She can hear Trees

Amalia is a voice for Trees

Tuning in to the telepathy of Trees Amalia is able to channel their messages as meditations. Connecting deeply to Mother Earth and activating your electro-magnetic field.

From a young age my life has been surrounded by indigenous shamans who have taught me a great deal about being in tune and keeping balance with my mind, body and spirit. I now carry their powerful teachings and share with others how to experience a deeper sense of reality. Through Lagunitas Organics sanctuary and Spirit Connect I am able to empower individuals with tools, guidance and experiences to transform their lives through healing, growth, and self actualization. Through these modalities you will get to first hand experiance your own flow of energy and clear out within your body any energetic blockage.

I would love to guide you in learning to listen to the wise messages nature and our tree friends share with us.

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