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Amalia's empowerment circles are transformational soul fulfilling journeys where participants are guided into a collective moment of emotional and spiritual support in order to connect inwards to hurt or shadow parts of themselves, sending them messages of love, forgiveness, power, acknowledgement and gratitude.

after participating, someone said

" I had never felt energy that strong before"- said a participant with tears from the amount of self healing that took place.
" WOOW that was the most intense meditation I've ever done "

Empowerment circles

What to expect?

During this circle journey Amalia is channeling pure kundalini love from Mother ar rolex datejust 116243cjdj mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 12mm Earth and Reiki universal life force energy through her channel  into everyone as they are connected as one. Working with Kundalini Reiki universal life force energy Amalia is able to tune in to angelic messages and channel a unique meditation and energetic healing journey.

Kundalini Reiki can dissolve energetic ties to places, people and situations therefor it is often that participants have an emotional release when guided to connect to their spirit.

Through out this experience individuals may also become open to receive visions, clarification, spiritual gift activation vapewebsites from their higher self and spirit team since they are much more receptive to their intuitive channels.

The purpose of these empowerment circles is to provide individuals with a chance to liberate themselves of held onto traumas

and to embody more love to feel empowered in all of their energy, ultimately leaving soul fulfilled.

Past appearances

Tecate B.C Woman's day awards ceremony 2022 and Woman's rights march 2023.
Florida Modeling competition and private events in the USA & Mexico

Tecate B.C March Women's Rights 2023

300+ Women gathered as
one voice one heart


Transmuting deep hurt into forgiveness, Forgiving the past to make space for new, Welcoming humanity into unconditional love, Guiding the collective into peace and respect for all.

What took place in Tecate Baja California March 12, 2023?

300+ women hand in hand with one goal, to send love to the world.

“They marched peacefully, they sang and meditated together. These women took it on themselves to be the change. To be the example, They came together to send a message to the world. The message was to remember how to love, to remember how to treat others with respect and how to come together as one.

I connected to our mother Gaia, I guided us through energy work for our selves, for our families, for our ancestors both women and men. We sent a wave of energy to all men and then the whole planet.

The message was LOVE. ” – Amalia C Alduenda

Including an empowerment circle in any event will bring communities together as one.


Bringing everyone together as a supporting sisterhood for a moment of calmness and empowerment before the stress of competing against one another for the final crowning.

What was the purpose of an empowerment circle for the Queen finalist at a modeling competition?

Taking a last moment together as a sisterhood, sharing empowerment words to one another before we competed against each other for a final crown.

Beginning with a few deep breaths to sync our hearts to one energetic field, Amalia then channeled a message of how women are all incarnated goddesses and are Queen’s. Everyone then shared an inspiring, empowering phrase igniting more self power and strength.

To finish we sent these words to our younger self  that needed to hear these words and we sent this circle of determination, empowerment and love to all other girls and women worldwide for them to feel and know they are enough as they are, and are worthy of their biggest dreams.

Including an empowerment circle in any event will create a lasting effect of unity and support.

A channel of light

"My mission is to hold space as a bridge between dimensions, to share divine messages for others to experience the collective unity consciousness of love." - Amalia

Interested in a one on one session with Amalia?

Relax, Release, and Activate your Crystalline DNA

DNA, Kundalini-Reiki, Past-Life, Diamond, Crystalline Reiki, Astral surgeries 

are all guided by our spirit teams to bring energetic balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Always with your intention to receive for your highest benefit.

Ready to see what spirit has in store for you?

womens march 300 girls amalia 2023

Amalia’s specialty is assisting the flow of energy. She is a psychic, medium and master of various modalities that allow her to tune into quantum dimensions.

“I guide meditations where I channel universal life force energy and take you on an in-ward journey.”

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