Journey to the heart of the Trees Kundalini Reiki Guided Meditation

A downloadable guided Kundalini Reiki – Tree energetic upgrade meditation. 10 minutes

Experience what it’s like to become a Tree. Embody your pillar of light in this energetic activation with Trees and Crystalline Reiki energy. Light code downloads, grounding, balance and expansion.

Set your intention to connect with unity consciousness love, highest universal timeline of oneness..

During this session I will be channeling the energies of Crystalline reiki, which dissolves energetic crystals of trauma in the 7 bodies through universal life force energy(reiki). As well as with Kundalini, the energy of Mother Earth’s love & energy in us. Through the Tree, they will connect with you ethereally being anchored by the roots of the Tree.

*suggestion* If possible it is highly recommended to be barefoot with a Tree while listening to this meditation to enhance the meditation & grounding cycle.

Channeled by Amalia C Alduenda with the Arcturian realm of Trees.